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Team Captains Information


TEAM CAPTIANS:  Thank you for stepping up to the challenge to lead a team in support of the Twelfth Street Food Pantry 2014 Roll and Stroll.


You are the voice and presence of the Twelfth Street Food Pantry in your community.   Here are some suggestions that may help in encouraging your family, friends, and aquaintances to join your team effort.  








































Know the Twelfth Street Food Pantry

Visit "About Us" and find out how we operate, our history and our mission and vision (stated on the homepage).  If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Get to know Palmer Park

Familiarize yourself with Palmer Park and what it has to offer.  Visit the park with your friends and family. 

Create a team identity

Unify your team by creating your own unique identity.  Create your team name, colors, slogan, and establish your goal as a fundraiser to support the 2014 Roll and Stroll.

Fundraising tips

As a team captain, we would encourage you to up the annie by conducting fundraisers to increase the donations to this cause.  Set your fundraising goals high. Here are some suggestions on fundraising.  

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                          2014 Roll and Stroll








Trail at Palmer Park/Photo by Walter Williams - Flyy Photography

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