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Fund Raising Tips

                          2014 Roll and Stroll








Start an E-Mail or Letter Campaign

Use E. -mail and letters to get the word out to your friends family and aquaintances.  

Have a fundraising party

Invite your friends, family and aquaintances, for a fun time while expressing your dedication to the cause and encourage them to donate.  Pizza, cupcake, wine tasting, karoke, cards, any kind of party can provide great results.

Involve the community

There are so many resources available in the community.   Take advantage of them to  help you get the word out, and gain support for the cause.    

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Health Services

Social Media is a great way to contact and inspire support from a large number of individuals that share your interest.


Create your team identify with team colors, a team slogan, a team rally cry, anything you can think of.

Encourage each member of your team to set fundraising goals and assist each other in reaching those goals.  


Bakes sales, garage sales, auctions, lemonade sales. whatever you can dream of. 

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