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In Memory

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

Mother Jeanette Funderburg


April 2, 1922-September 13, 2014

Father Aaron Funderburg


April 29, 1914-December 22, 2014

On December 22, 2014 the founders of the Twelfth Street Food Pantry and the Father and Mother of Twelfth Street Missionary Baptist Church, were reunited.  Father Aaron Funderburg was 100 and Mother Jeanette Funderburg 92.


Father and Mother Funderburg founded the Twelfth Street Food Pantry in 2002 at the ages of 80 and 88. Father Funderburg celebrated his 100th birthday Aprll 26, 2014 with his loving wife by his side celebrating her 92nd. They leave a legacy that we shall continue in their memory.  We will serve those they gave so much for with the love, dedication, and unending energy they gave.


As we continue their wonderous devotion to our God in service to the community, we shall remember Mother Funderburg's guiding scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6, "You must trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding but in all thine ways acknowlege him and he shall direct your path.

Frazier Brown

First Chairman of the Board




Frazier Brown was our first Chairman of the Twelfth Street Food Pantry Board of Directors.  He worked deligently toward the nonprofit incorporation of the pantry in July 2011.  Frazier was the enbodiment of the oximoran, firm and gentle.  Each used when needed. Frazier's heart was in the pantry and we will never forget the many great things he did for his love, the Twelfth Street Food Pantry.

Barbara Henry

Charter Financial Secretary of the Board


Barbara Henry was the sweetest and most determined woman you would want to know.  The first financial secretary  of the Twelfth Street Food Pantry Board of Directors she would never accept "no" for an answer.  That determination resulted in funding for the pantry from numerous sources.  WIthout Barbara, the pantry would not be what it is today.  Barbara was an exceptional gardener with beautiful flowers throughout her yard.  Under her financial leadership, the food pantry blosomed feeding thousands in the community. 

Hiram Little

Co-chair of the Board


PTM (Play too much), a term Hiram coined for others that described him better than any.  Hiram had a temperament that would drive the devil out of anyone.  Jovial, exuberant, with the words to calm any situation.  With his knowledge of the social system he was able to direct clients to vital services they were often unaware of.  Hiram's desire was to serve and he touched many providing his all to the pantry, the church and his family in the best of ways.

Mary Wright

Charter Operations Director of the Board


Mary was a fighter with a heart of pure gold.  Health issues would not stop Mary from providing for those in need.  Even if the pantry was closed and we had nothing on our shelves, Mary would be led by God and find food where there was none for a needy person.  She barked a lot but she was the most loving person you'd ever want to know.  A true servant of God.

Frances Alexander



Frances was a teacher nurse at heart.  Even in the pantry she established her teaching mode speaking on diabestes, high blood pressure and other ailments troubling our clientele.  She cared deep in her heart and exhibited an unshakeable faith.  In all situations she would proclaim,  "God is good . . . in all things God is good!"

Andre Woods

Distribution Volunteer


Andre Woods though a serious and highly organized man, had a smile that would light up a room.  He loved being able to give back and his love was evident as he distributed bags of food to the clientele of the food pantry.  We miss that scowl and beautiful smile 

Eileen Love



Eileen Love truly lived up to her surname. She loved everyone and one way she exhibited that love was in her volunteer work at the food pantry. She spent many of her years helping others. Eileen had a sense of humor that was contagious. Just her presence meant joy.

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