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Volunteer Crew Information


The Twelfth Street Food Pantry Roll and Stroll Volunteer Crew is an essential function to assure an organized and exhilarating experience for all the fundraising event participants. Every roll is important!! Functions, physical and skill requirements vary from crew to crew.   All tasks require a degree of lifting, some more than others.   The size of each crew is based upon the number of participants for the Event and is subject to change.


If you have a physical limitation, it is important that you let us know so we can find the right team for you. Our Crew and Volunteer team leaders will work with you to find the best team for you and the Event.   Please read each crew description carefully.


All volunteers must attend the Volunteer Orientation meeting on Saturday, August 30, 2014 and the All-Crew Meeting the Tuesday before the Event, September 23, 2014.  


Volunteer Crews 


Traffic Control - Standing for long periods of time.  Stationed at the 3 park parking lots.  Maintain safe traffic flow, manage vehicle parking areas and direct vehicles to designated parking areas.  Provide security over participants' vehicles during the Event.  10-14 team members


Support Services -  Provide aid/assistance as needed for non-emergency medical or physical needs to participants of the Event.  No medical background is required.  Tasks will include transporting of water/snack, chairs, assistance to medical support, assistance in loading/unloading, other tasks which may require additional support.   4-5 team members. Lift 10-20 lbs.


Route Water Stations - Some heavy lifting (no more than 50 lbs.).   Load and deliver water, sports drinks, trashbags, and other items required at the route water stations.  Redistribution of supplies as needed and pick up of excess supplies and trash bags as the route closes for the day.  Must have a valid driver's license and able to drive a pick up truck. 2-3 team members


Water Station Servers - Man the water stations and assure beverage and snacks are available to the participants.  Serve beverage and/or snacks and encourage usage of trash receptacles for disposal. Will remain at the water station throughout the Event.  Will prepare area for pick up at closing of the Event.

12-15 team members.  Lift 10-20 lbs.


Route Safety and Guidance -  This team will consist of (6-8) bikers and (12-17) walkers.  Bikers must be experienced, provide their own bike and wear helmets.  These team members will patrol the routes and assist participants through the routes to ensure safety.  They will have total knowledge of the route. (2) bikers and (3) walkers, will be in the lead at the commencement of the bike/walk Event.  18-25 team members.


Route Marking - Advance team.  Work on this team will require a full day prior to the Event.  Marks the routes with directional signage and pick-ups the signage after the routes have closed.  Also repairs signage as needed.  Signage will be stacked at water stations for pick-up by trucks. Lift 10-20 lbs.  3-5 team members


Event Support - Set up and breakdown/loading and unloading of equipment and materials required for the Event.  Duties include stage set up/breakdown, registrations table set up/breakown, crowd management, others.  Lifting up to 70 lbs.  10-15 team members.


Youth Volunteers - Youth ages 14-17 will be allowed to volunteer for any of the above crews except: traffic control and route safety and guidance.   In addition to these crews, the youth can serve as greeters, cheerers, and assist with the ceremonies.  Youth will require parental approval and registration of the youth.  No more than 4 youth volunteers per crew.



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