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What Would a Bike Mean to You if You Were Homeless?


The Twelfth Street Food Pantry is a small operation but we have made an impact in our community.  We are constantly looking for ways to be more effective and impactful.  Our Bikes for the Homeless  Program has offered bikes to the homeless via NSO, Lakeridge Village, DRRM, and VA Homeless Division for 2 years but we have received so few bikes  that the impact has been very small.   Help us increase the impact of this program on our community.  We are accepting bike donations and monetary assistance year round.  Call 313 701 6552 to arrange bike delivery or pickup.  


Please donate online or mail to: Twelfth Street Food Pantry, 1840 Midland, Detroit, 48238,

Make checks payable to:  Twelfth Street Food Pantry.


Monetary donations provide for bike repairs, storage and delivery costs.  


Bikes for the Homeless = Freedom

Have you thought of what it is to not have any access to transportation at all?  The homeless are faced with this issue daily.  A bike can provide the transportation, the freedom to:

  • Obtain housing/shelter

  • Access to food

  • Apply and get to and from a job

  • Get to medical assistance

  • Obtain educational improvement and training


Bikes for the Homeless = HOPE

  • A chance for acknowledgement by the community.  The homeless are isolated and invisible to a community living with them in their mist 

  • To be able to interact with individuals and let it be known what they are capable of offering to a community  

  • Our communities can not flourish when there is so much need around us.  Government is working overwhelming issues.  They can't do it alone.  Each and everyone of us has to be a part of the come back of our communities and it's people



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