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             THANKS TO YOU                 WE HAVE STOPPED THE FREEZE!!!!



(Donations can be mailed to: Twelfth Street Food Pantry, 1840 Midland, Detroit, MI.  48238)













We were ready for the extreme temps this year thanks to our donors.    We have made the modifications to our intake room listed below:


  1. More than tripled the usable space in the intake room allowing up to 10 clients into the bldg. at a time. Prior to the changes the max. was 3 (no heater YET)

  2. Add a bulletin board for announcements (using wall which is working for now)

  3. Added an information nook 

  4. Replaced wood tables with 3 tier racks to hold bags for distribution



THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal of  $5,000

You can donate to our Phone-A-Thon all year round helping us give good, quality service to our clients and create a safe comfortable environment for our volunteers.   

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